Coming Soon chemagic Prime Junior-D

Launch chemagic Prime Junior-D instrument

Coming Soon - chemagic™ Prime™ Junior-D Instrument

High-Quality DNA and RNA For Your Assay - Our new chemagic Prime Junior-D instrument enables a streamlined workflow from primary sample to ready to use high-quality DNA and RNA. Eluate handling such as transfer to storage tubes is included, moreover assay setup for downstream workflows such as PCR and NGS can also be incorporated. With a maximum capacity of 48 samples of up to 1000 µl human body fluids, it is also possible to load stepwise (2 x 24) to be most flexible in your daily routine.

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    Introduction of chemagic Prime Junior-D

    Features at a glance

    • chemagen separation technology for high-quality DNA/RNA
    • Complete workflow from primary sample to assay setup
    • Walk-away automation for up to 48 sample
    • Suitable for diverse human samples like blood, plasma, saliva, urine, swabs, feces, etc.
    • No waste of reagents
    • Customizable to your needs: Assay, PCR, NGS setup
    • Suitable for all downstream applications 
    • Full traceability at any time during the process: Barcode tracking and LIMS compatible
    • CE-IVD certified in vitro diagnostic applications
    • Optional add-ons: UV light and 2D barcode reader
    • Size 1.9 m x 0.87 x 1.70 m (L/W/H)


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