CE IVD Kits for chemagic 360-D instrument

chemagic IVD DNA isolation kits

DNA for clinical applications from sample material

The isolation of high-quality nucleic acids from whole blood and plasma sample types suitable for downstream clinical analysis presents a key bottleneck. High recovery rates, nucleic acid quantity, purity, and degradation directly impact the ability to generate quality results from your testing. PerkinElmer has developed the combination of IVD-certified chemagic™ instruments and chemagic™ kits to ensure the efficient purification of diagnostic-grade DNA.

CE-IVD kits for chemagic 360-D instrument

Kit features

  • DNA isolation directly from whole blood or plasma samples, no need for additional treatment on primary samples prior to extraction
  • Ready-to-use DNA in high yields and purity
  • Fast processing times – up to 96 samples in less than 45 minutes.
  • Long DNA fragments – up to 200 kb
  • High recovery rates - up to 50µg of DNA per ml of blood


Performance of the CE IVD Kits for the chemagic 360-D instrument

The figures below show the performance of the chemagic™ 360-D kit. In figure 1 is described the yield results obtained using different amounts of blood. Figure 2 represents the comparison of DNA extraction from samples stabilized with Citrate and EDTA, respectively.

chemagic CE-IVD kits
Application data chemagic CE-IVD kits

For more information

For ordering information, please contact us. Please download the product brochure or follow the link at the bottom of the page to request more information about our IVD products.

Europe: For in vitro diagnostic use. The chemagic 360-D instrument meets the requirements of the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive (98/79/EC). The CE IVD-registered chemagic 360-D instrument is for distribution and use in specific European countries only. USA: For in vitro diagnostic use. The chemagic 360-D instrument is FDA listed and when used with the chemagic DNA CS200 kit, is intended for the applications described in the kit insert.