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Blood and buffy coat application note

Blood and buffy coats

Next-generation sequencing-grade DNA and RNA from 0.5 to 4 ml of blood and buffy coat

Blood and buffy coats are the most common starting material for the extraction of nucleic acids used for many applications in the genomic testing field. With the dramatic increase in the throughput of genomic analysis seen in the past few years, the fast and reasonably priced high-throughput isolation of sequencing-grade nucleic acids from whole blood and buffy coat samples presents a key bottleneck for today’s sensitive research applications such as next-generation sequencing, MLPA, chip-based assays, genotyping and many more.

High-throughput DNA isolation from blood results

Overview of genomic DNA isolation from blood using chemagic™ workflows

Genomic DNA from an initial sample volume of 4 ml of blood and has been eluted in 500μl. The average yield is 63 μg per ml of blood, with a DNA concentration of 363 ng/μl ± 163. The typical DNA quality as measured by A260:A280 is 1,98±0,26.

High recovery rates and yields, purity, and integrity impact the ability to generate reliable data for your genetic research. The chemagic™ research instrumentation and kits offer perfect solutions for high-throughput DNA and RNA extraction from both blood and buffy coats by providing:

  • High DNA and RNA yields – up to 50 µg DNA/ml blood
  • Fast processing times– 24 samples in 50 min
  • Full or partial automated systems – less hands-on time during the nucleic acid purification procedure
  • High levels of DNA integrity – up to 200 kb fragments suitable for the most complex genomic analyses
  • Long-term stable nucleic acids – ideal for biobanking and clinical research applications

For more information, please download the application note below.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Please note that product labelling (such as kit insert, product label, and kit box) may be different compared to the company branding. Please contact your local representative for further details.