Saliva DNA purification application note

DNA isolation from saliva

Automated DNA and RNA from saliva

Due to its ease of collection, saliva is rapidly becoming one of the most used sources of material for genetic analysis. However, the small numbers of cells present in saliva samples compared to blood biopsies is a challenge for the purification of nucleic acids in the amounts required for the downstream assays. The use of the chemagic™ instruments in combination with the chemagic™ Saliva Kits is the ideal solution for the high-throughput isolation of pure DNA and RNA suitable for the most demanding genomic analysis technologies. By exploiting high-affinity magnetic beads, the chemagic ™ technology does not require centrifugation or organic extraction even for samples of large volume, leading to reduced primary sample manipulation and decreased DNA fragmentation.

The combination of PerkinElmer's chemagic™ research instrumentation and kits offer perfect solutions for high-throughput DNA and RNA extraction from saliva by providing:

  • High DNA and RNA yields
  • Fast processing times– up to 96 samples processed in 30 minutes
  • Fully or partially automated systems – less hands-on time during the nucleic acid purification procedure
  • High levels of DNA integrity – up to 200 kb fragments suitable for the most complex genomic analyses
  • Long-term stable nucleic acids – ideal for biobanking and clinical research applications

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.