Low volume viral nucleic acids and genomic DNA Kits

Kits for viral nucleic acid and human genomic DNA purification from low volumes of body fluids

The Low Volume Viral DNA/RNA gDNA chemagic™ kits are designed for the efficient high-throughput isolation of high-quality DNA and RNA from 50 to 500 μl of body fluids. The particular benefit of these kits is the ability to isolate nucleic acids from different kinds of body fluids such as blood, serum, plasma, urine, stool suspensions, nasal-, vaginal- and buccal swabs, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, puncture, cell suspensions, amniotic fluid, and others. The kits can be used to purify both viral nucleic acids and human genomic DNA for research use only.

Low volume viral and genomic DNA kit

Kit features

  • Designed for the use with automated nucleic acid isolation instruments for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction
  • Proprietary technology  based on the use of M-PVA Magnetic Beads for optimal nucleic acid yield and purity
  • Ideal for isolation of pathogen DNA from blood and blood-contaminated samples
  • Efficient isolation of human genomic DNA from body fluids
  • Disposable plasticware included
  • Convenient packaging to reduce reagent waste
  • Reagents can be stored at room temperature

Please find below a selection of available kits for viral nucleic acid and human genomic DNA isolation from low volumes of body fluids (50 to 500 μl) using chemagic™ instruments, liquid handling workstations, or a manual procedure. For different sample volumes please refer to the kit selection page.

Kits for chemagic™ automation

Catalog no.Kit nameInstrumentVolumeFormatNo. of preps
CMG-1449chemagic™ Prime Viral NA/gDNA 200 Kit H96chemagic™ Prime 4/8up to 200 µl96 well960
CMG-1431chemagic™ Prime Body Fluid 1k Kit H96chemagic™ Prime 4/8up to 1000 µl96 well960
CMG-1049chemagic™ Viral NA/gDNA 200 Kit special H96chemagic™ 360/MSM Iup to 200 µl96 well960
CMG-1131chemagic™ Body Fluid 1k Kit special H96chemagic™ 360/MSM Iup to 1000 µl96 well960
CMG-2021Prepito® NA Body Fluid Kitchemagic Prepito®up to 200 µl12 well180
CMG-1534Junior Pathogen NA Kitchemagic™ Prime Juniorup to 1000 µl48 well480

Kits for manual nucleic extraction

Catalog no.Kit nameInputNo. of preps
CMG-192chemagic™ Viral NA/gDNA Kit200 µl100

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.