cfDNA isolation from plasma

Reproducible, High Yields with chemagic™ Auto­mated or Manual Puri­fica­tion of Cir­cu­la­ting Cell Free DNA

Circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) in body fluids is being used for noninvasive, real-time biomarker research and more. Yet detection is often challenged by its low levels, fragmentation and preanalytical variabilities introduced by sample collection, plasma preparation, and nucleic acid purification. 

PerkinElmer chemagen cfDNA extraction kits, together with dedicated chemagen instruments rely on patented chemagicTM technology using M-PVA Magnetic beads to ensure a high quality of nucleic acid purification. Comparable yields to manual spin column methods were obtained with efficient removal of contaminants and exclusion of cross-contamination. With automation, variabilities associated with multiple handling steps are reduced and sample integrity maintained with full sample tracking capabilities.

Sprungziel Features

Benefits of automated cfDNA isolation with chemagicTM technology:

  • Higher reproducibility and comparable yields to manual methods
  • Fast, automated workflow with on-board lysis and no heating required
  • Wide range of sample inputs applicable from 0.5 to 18 ml
  • Full sample tracking with barcode reading and bidirectional LIMS communication capability
  • Ability to isolate viral nucleic acids
  • Suitable for fresh or frozen plasma/serum from EDTA, citrate or Streck® Cell-free DNA BCT® tubes
  • Downstream compatibility with various assays - ddPCR, NGS, qPCR etc.
  • Compatibility with other automated PerkinElmer systems

Sprungziel Customer Review

Customer Review

Customer Review

“The PerkinElmer cfDNA extraction kit on the chemagic 360 platform has greatly reduced the hands-on time needed for sample preparation. It has also given us improved cfDNA yields compared to the current, manual approach used in our laboratory and enabled significantly higher throughput. The ease-of-use of the system is high and has made it easy for us to rapidly train our staff and implement the approach in our day-to-day practice.”

Veli-Mikko Puupponen, CEO, BiopSense Oy/Ltd, Finland

Sprungziel Manual Option


Looking for a Manual Option?

If you do not have a chemagicTM instrument but would like to benefit from the advantage of chemagicTM M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology, the manual chemagicTM cfDNA 5k kit is now available. Process up to 5 ml of sample and avoid spillages and clogs linked to spin column or vacuum-based systems with an easy magnetic bead-based protocol. 

Manual cfDNA Extraction with chemagic™ cfDNA 5k kit”


  • 40 preps
  • 1-5 ml plasma/serum input
  • 30-100 µl elution volume
  • 60-90 minutes processing time

Additional magnetic racks required, see Product Overview for Manual DNA Isolation for details

Sprungziel Product Overview

Product overview for Automated cfDNA isolation

Catalog No.Kit NameInstrumentSamples/BatchPreps/KitSample VolumesProcessing TimePurchase online
Prime™ cfDNA 5k Kit H24
chemagic Prime 4/8242403 - 5 ml240 min
cfDNA 5k Kit H24
chemagic 360/MSM I242403 - 5 ml100 min
(incl. 15 min hands-on time)
cfDNA 2k Kit H24
chemagic 360/MSM I242401 - 2 ml90 min
(incl. 15 min hands-on time)
cfDNA 10k Kit H24
chemagic 360/MSM I242406-10 ml115 min
(incl. 20 min hands-on time)
cfDNA 18k Kit H12
chemagic 360/MSM I12Up to 25010, 15 or 18 ml125 min
(incl. 15 min hands-on time)
cfDNA 1.5k Kit H96
chemagic 360/MSM I969600.5 - 1.5 ml120 min
(incl. 30 min hands-on time)

*Additional accessories required: 3 quantity chemagic 13 mL Double Bottom Rack H24 (art. No. CMG-13005340)

Product overview for Manual cfDNA isolation

Catalog No.Kit NameAccessories required
Preps / Kit
Sample Volumes Processing TimePurchase online
CMG-134chemagic™ cfDNA 5k Kitchemagic™ Stand 2 x 12
chemagic™ Stand 50k Type B
1 - 5 ml60-90 min (depending on user experience)

Sprungziel Manuals

Plasma Preparation Protocol

Best Practices in cfDNA Purification

Sample Collection & Plasma Preparation

To avoid contamination of cfDNA with genomic DNA from ruptured blood cells, it is recommended to prepare plasma as fresh as possible (within 24h after blood draw for EDTA tubes or longer for specialized cell free blood collection tubes, refer to tube manufacturer).
A double centrifugation protocol during plasma preparation is recommended to minimize the potential carry over of cells and genomic DNA (refer to tube manufacturer for max. centrifugation speeds). Special care should be taken to avoid transfer of any other blood components (buffy coat or red blood cells) when separating the plasma fraction.
From 10 ml of whole blood, approximately 4 - 5 ml plasma can be expected. For a guidance on how to prepare plasma for cfDNA analysis, please refer to manuals below.

cfDNA Quantification

cfDNA yields isolated from human plasma samples are typically in the range of 1 - 30 ng/mL of plasma and therefore critically low and maybe outside the detection parameters determined by spectrophotometric methods. If quantification of the extracted cfDNA is required, two methods are recommended: A PCR-based method (qPCR, ddPCR) and a fragment analysis assay where an internal reference is used, such as the LabChip® cfDNA assay. Quantification based on fluorometric method may lead to varying results dependent on various factors and therefore is not recommended. Likewise, fragment analysis methods based on upper marker peak size will lead to inaccurate quantitation and should be avoided. Please refer to manuals for more details.

Download Manual

Catalog No.Kit NamePDF Protocol
CMG-134chemagic™ cfDNA 5k Kit (manual)Protocol CMG-134 chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit
CMG-1304chemagic™ cfDNA 5k Kit H24Protocol CMG-1304 chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit H24
CMG-1302chemagic™ cfDNA 2k Kit H24Protocol CMG-1302 chemagic cfDNA 2k Kit H24
CMG-1396chemagic™ cfDNA 1.5k Kit H96Protocol CMG-1396 chemagic cfDNA 1.5k Kit H96
CMG-1310chemagic™ cfDNA 10k Kit H24Protocol CMG-1310 chemagic cfDNA 10k Kit H24

Sprungziel Application Notes

Application Notes and Publications

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.