chemagic Deep Well Plate 24 XL

The chemagic™ Deep Well Plate 24 XL: a specially designed accessory for magnetic separation of nucleic acids with the chemagic™ high-throughput instruments

For convenient automated separation of M-PVA Magnetic Beads from up to 4 ml blood or plasma use our specially developed chemagic Deep Well Plate 24 XL.

chemagic Deep Well Plate 24 XL

The chemagic™ Deep Well Plate 24 XL (article No. CMG-555-4) is designed for use with the chemagic™ 360 and Prime instruments equipped with chemagic™ 24 Rod Head (art. No. CMG-508) and corresponding chemagic™ Kits. This is the world ‘s first plate with a capacity of 25 ml per well. Depending on the protocol, this plate allows the processing of sample volumes up to 4.0 ml. Furthermore, this innovative plate allows several other applications besides high-throughput DNA/RNA isolation.

chemagic Stand 2x12

The chemagic™ Magnetic Stands: tube holders designed for manual magnetic separation

The chemagic™ Magnetic Stands are designed for the efficient separation of magnetic beads from different volumes. Their specific design, with magnetic and non-magnetic positions, makes working with the most commonly used reaction tubes easy.

chemagic™ Magnetic Stand 2x12

chemagic™ Magnetic Stand 2x12 (article No. CMG-300) with 12 magnetic and 12 non-magnetic positions for 1.5 ml tubes and for 2.0 ml tubes.

chemagic™ Magnetic Stand 96

chemagic™ Magentic Stand 96 (article No. CMG-301) for 96-well MTPs and DWPs.

chemagic™ Magnetic Stand 50k Type A/B

Type A: chemagic™ Magnetic Stand 50k Type A (article No. CMG-305) for DNA purification from 10 ml to 50 ml total preparation volumes (e.g. one 10 ml whole blood prep)

Type B: chemagic™ Magnetic Stand 50k Type B (article No. CMG-303) for DNA purification from max. 15 ml total preparation volumes, 2 preps/stand

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.