Automated HMW DNA isolation

HMW DNA extraction

Automated High Molecular Weight DNA extraction for Archiving and Long Read Sequencing

Extraction of High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA (> 100 kb) is currently often performed with manual, time-consuming, and costly methods. As manual workflows are subject to risk of human error and confirm differences in operator handling or laboratory conditions, more time and effort are often required to confirm experimental findings. In worst case scenarios, integrity of samples may compromised. The chemagic™ nucleic acid purification systems automate the extraction of HMW DNA, improving consistency of results while ensuring sample integrity at higher throughputs and faster turnaround times. Compared with other automated platforms, the chemagic system provided higher DNA yields of good purity alongside a significantly greater HMW DNA extraction efficiency (refer Application Note). The chemagic systems have been used successfully in conjunction with long read sequencing technologies from Oxford Nanopore2,4,5,6 and PacBio1,3. The greater HMW DNA extraction efficiency afforded by chemagic technology also makes it the choice of many biobanks worldwide that require long-term storage stability for archiving and a nucleic acid quality that can be applied to diverse molecular assays2,7,8.

HMW DNA extraction

Key Features

  • Efficient automated extraction of HMW DNA at consistent high yields and purities
  • Applicable to blood and various sample types with standard chemagic kits
  • Fast runtimes with minimal hands-on processing (less pre-preparation steps)
  • Proven compatibility with long read sequencing
  • Greater long-term storage stability of isolated nucleic acids
  • Further size selection applicable with M-PVA Magnetic Beads
HMW DNA data

Efficient HMW DNA extraction for Leong Read Sequencing

Efficient HMW DNA extraction for Long Read Sequencing

Extraction performance from blood based on DNA yield, purity, and integrity was compared between two automated nucleic acid extraction systems.

Reliable partner for population genetic cohort studies in Biobanking

Drawing on extensive expertise in high-throughput extractions across diverse sample types such as blood, buffy coat, swabs, and saliva, we have established a global presence in biobanking. Our chemagic nucleic acid isolation ensures archive-quality specimens, and our ability to automate entire workflows, from primary sample handling to downstream QC and assay setup, has positioned us as a trusted collaborator in various population genetic cohort studies.

Our contributions extend to notable initiatives like the "All of Us Research Programme" from the Mayo Clinic7, the German National Cohort/NAKO Gesundheitsstudie8, and the British Initiative, including the 100,000 Genomes Project, among others.


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