DNA and RNA from blood

DNA and RNA from blood

The fast and efficient isolation of nucleic acids from whole blood samples represents a critical bottleneck for downstream genomics applications such as next-generation sequencing, quantitative and digital PCR, chip-based assays, and many more. Variable recovery rates, the presence of impurities, and molecular degradation directly impact the ability to generate high-quality data for genetic research. PerkinElmer's DNA and RNA purification workflows offer the perfect solution to these challenges by combining dedicated instruments and kits designed to obtain high yields of ultra-pure nucleic acids from blood samples.

Application data for medium-throughput DNA purification from blood

Application data

Genomic DNA isolation from blood using the chemagic™ 360 instrument

Genomic DNA from initial sample volume of 4 ml of blood and has been eluted in 500 μl. The average yield is 63 μg per ml of blood, with a DNA concentration of 363 ng/μl ± 163. The typical DNA quality as measured by A260/A280 is 1,98 ± 0,26.

Application Note

Application Notes

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.