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DNA and RNA from a large volume of blood

DNA and RNA from Blood

Workflow for nucleic acid extraction from a large volume of  whole blood

The workflow for DNA and RNA purification from a large volume of blood allows the efficient isolation of high yields of ultra-pure intact nucleic acids from up to 12 samples of 10 ml blood in parallel. The large sample volume workflow is ideal for laboratories requiring very high yields of nucleic acids for their downstream applications. The workflow is based on chemagen's proprietary M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology and a dedicated configuration of the chemagic™ 360 instrument. Sample barcoding and software compatibility with all major LIMSs ensure full sample traceability throughout the entire procedure. The chemagic™ Kits include all required reagents and disposable plasticware for nucleic acid purification. The isolated high-quality DNA and RNA are suitable for molecular analysis (NGS, MLPA, qPCR, etc.) and long-term storage.

Kits for large volumes of blood

Product overview: DNA purification

Catalog no.Kit nameInstrumentFormatPreps/KitInputTypical yieldStandard Elution Volume
DNA Blood 7k Kit H12
chemagic™ 360/MSM Itube250up to 7 ml100 - 350 μg500 µl
DNA Blood 10k Kit H12
chemagic™ 360/MSM Itube250up to 10 ml150 - 500 μg1.2 - 1.5 ml
DNA isolation from large blood volumes

Genomic DNA isolation yields from different blood volumes with the chemagic™ MSM I.

0.5 ml blood (average value from 50 samples)
2 ml blood (average value from 2,000 samples)
5 ml blood (average value from 1,500 samples)
7 ml blood (average value from 1,200 samples)
10 ml blood (average value from 50 samples)

Typical DNA concentration obtained from a healthy donor is 20 - 40 μg per ml blood.

Instrument for the large-volume workflow from blood

Instrument for the processing of large volumes of blood

Workflow for nucleic acid purification from large-volume blood samples

  • Automation: chemagic™ 360 with 12 Rod Head configuration
  • Workflow capacity: from 12 up to 190 samples per day
  • Sample volume: from 4 ml up to 10 ml
  • Up to 300 μg of genomic DNA extracted from 10 ml of blood in a single run
  • Compact design of the nucleic acid purification instrument

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.