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chemagic™ 360 instrument: Automated DNA and RNA purification

The chemagic 360 instrument for automated DNA and RNA extraction

The chemagic™ 360 instrument: a compact solution for automated DNA and RNA purification

The genomic analysis of large numbers of samples requires a reliable system for the automated isolation of DNA and RNA. With dimensions of only 80 x 80 cm and its unique sample volume flexibility, the chemagic™ 360 instrument is an innovative system that can be adapted to fit almost all of your automated DNA and RNA purification needs. By using chemagen's well-established M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology, the chemagic™ 360 instrument provides high yields of ultra-pure nucleic acids suitable for a wide range of downstream applications such as NGS, MLPA, genotyping, and PCR.

Features at a glance

  • Optimized design to prevent cross-contamination
  • Input sample volumes from 50 µl - 18 ml
  • Throughput from 12, 24, 96 samples/run
  • Ultra-fast protocols available for DNA purification
  • Flexible reagent dispensing to keep running expenses low
  • User-friendly interface allows simple and fast installation
  • Easy to integrate with liquid handling platforms


The exclusive chemagic™ technology for nucleic acid purification

Unlike other automated nucleic acid purification instruments, the chemagic™ 360 system uses transiently magnetized rods to attract the beads after binding to the nucleic acids. This key technological feature and the concerted rotation of the rods allow optimal sample mixing during the homogenization and washing steps, increasing the yield and purity of the extracted nucleic acid molecules. The transfer of the magnetic beads between tubes minimizes the possibility of sample contamination between purification steps.

What customers say...

Tessara Baldi, Senior Automation Engineer​, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is a leading institution in cancer care, research, and personalized treatment, utilizing innovative technologies like chemagic for DNA extraction from tumor and FFPE tissues, bone marrow and blood to improve patient outcomes1. Hear what they have to say!

What customers say...

Chris Piccirillo, Sampled, Piscataway, USA

Sampled is one of the world’s largest biorepositories with nearly 25 years of experience. Their core competence is storing, managing, analyzing and, transporting biological samples for medical research, or other scientific endeavors. Their expertise in handling samples makes them a valuable resource for researchers and organizations.

Instrument Specifications

Instrument specifications

Equipped with barcode-reader and QA software, the chemagic 360 instrument complies with LIMS compatibility and modern quality assurance standards. The modular set up of the system and convenient loading procedure allow its integration with standard liquid handling robots, such as the Janus® or Sciclone®. Kits are available for the isolation of DNA and RNA from various specimens including liquid (whole blood, saliva, plasma, etc.) and solid samples (tissues, FFPE samples, etc.). For research use only. We also offer an IVD-certified* version of the chemagic™ 360 instrument.

Automated DNA and RNA purification

Instrument specifications

  • Throughput:
    • Single run sample capacity: 12, 24, 96-well depending on the configuration
    • Sample volume: from 10 μl to 10 ml
    • Single run duration: depends on the sample type, about 45 minutes for blood samples
  • Dimensions and weight:
    • Width: 80 cm
    • Depth: 80 cm
    • Height: 90 cm
    • Weight: 140 kg

For more info

For more information, please download the brochure below or contact us.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

* Products may not be licensed in accordance with the laws in all countries, such as the United States and Canada. Please check with your local representative for availability.