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Demo Request

Instrument Demo Request

The chemagic™ Technology platform offers a variety of research solutions for the automated isolation of nucleic acids. Each instrument and kit are optimized for a particular throughput, starting material and research application.

Our new "Request Demo" service will help you to qualify your personal demands in DNA/RNA isolation and offers you to test our instruments profoundly. Once you have filled out the form below and you've submitted your request, our local experts will be happy to assist in finding the best solution for your research.

By submitting this form you provide the consent for the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes set forth in the Revvity Privacy Policy.

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    Instrument Demo Request

    chemagic 360chemagic Prepito-Dchemagic 360-Dchemagic MSM Ichemagic Prime 4chemagic Prime 8chemagic Prime Junior

    Manual processingAutomated processing

    BloodBuffy coatPlasmaSerumSalivaBuccal swabsCellsTissueFFPEOther

    10 - 400 µl0.5 - 4 ml4 - 7 ml7 - 10 ml1 - 10 mg10 - 80 mg

    genomic DNATotal RNAViral NAsBacterial NAsOther

    1 - 1010 - 6060 - 100100 - 500>500Other

    Primary sample handlingPCR setupLiquid handlingNormalization of samplesLIMS compatibilityQuality control of nucleic acidsOther

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.