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DNA from dried blood spots application note

Nucleic Acid isolation from Blood Spots for NGS

NGS-grade high-throughput nucleic acids purification from blood spots

Dried blood spot (DBS) collections are an invaluable source of DNA for genomic screenings and population surveys. The high stability of their DNA, their simple handling and transport, and the minimal collection effort make DBSs an attractive alternative to the use of other sample types for many genomic studies. The drawbacks of using DBS as a source of DNA for genetic screenings lie in the difficulty of retrieving high molecular weight pure DNA in the concentration ranges required for most genomic applications.

Revvity offers solutions for the optimized high-throughput DNA isolation from DBSs based on its proprietary magnetic beads technology coupled with automated NGS library preparation. By avoiding chemically aggressive extraction procedures, the combination of chemagic™ instrumentation and kits allow researchers to obtain high yields of pure DNA with minimal damage to the nucleic acid molecules, making it possible to perform routinely the most complex genomic analyses on DBS DNA.

Revvity´s chemagic™ technology offers:

  • High DNA yields
  • Fast processing times
  • High levels of DNA integrity for the most complex genomic analyses
  • Full or partial automated systems: less hands-on time during the nucleic acid purification procedure
  • Long-term stable nucleic acids

For more information, please download the application note or contact us.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.