Prepito® DNA Blood and Cyto Pure Kits

kit features

Kit features

  • Optimized for the use with the chemagic™  Prepito® instrument
  • Proprietary technology  based on the use of M-PVA Magnetic Beads for optimal nucleic acid yield and purity
  • Disposable plasticware included
  • Convenient packaging to reduce reagent waste
  • Reagents can be stored at room temperature

Kits for chemagic™ automation

Catalog no.Kit nameInstrumentInputTypical yieldFormatNo. of preps
CMG-2034Prepito® DNA Cyto Pure KitPrepito®Blood up to 250 μl5-10 μg12 wells180
CMG-2034Prepito® DNA Cyto Pure KitPrepito®DBS up to 35 punch-outs50 ng per punch-out12 wells180
CMG-2034Prepito® DNA Cyto Pure KitPrepito®19 mg tissuedepends on the tissue type12 wells180
CMG-2034Prepito® DNA Cyto Pure KitPrepito®1 - 5 ml Amniotic Fluiddepends on the number of cells in the fluid12 wells180

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.