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chemagic Prepito®: Bench top workflow

Bench top instrument for automated RNA and DNA isolation

The chemagic Prepito®: Bench top instrument for automated RNA and DNA isolation

Based on chemagen’s proprietary M-PVA Magnetic Beads technology for high-yield extraction of ultra-pure nucleic acids, the chemagic Prepito® instrument represents the optimal system for laboratories that process less than one hundred samples per day or need to add flexibility to their current high-throughput workflow. This bench top solution for automated nucleic acid isolation is suitable for diverse sample materials.

Bench top instrument for DNA and RNA isolation

Bench top solution for automated nucleic acid extraction

Features at a glance

  • Up to 12 samples per run
  • Sample volume capacity up to 1 ml
  • Kits available for a large variety of sample materials (e.g., blood, serum and plasma, tissues, etc.)
  • Cost-efficient integrated buffer dispensing and use of standard plastic devices
  • Barcode reader for optimal sample management
  • Touch panel software for ease of use
  • USB slot for simple data transfer

The chemagic Prepito® exploits transiently magnetized rods to ensure thorough mixing of the primary samples (when the magnetic field is turned off) and efficient collection of the magnetic beads (when the magnetic field is turned on).

Magnetic Beads for nucleic acid purification

Designed for the use with the thoroughly validated Prepito® Kits for nucleic acid extraction, the chemagic Prepito® instrument keeps running costs lower by automatically dispensing the required amount of reagents directly from bottles rather than pre-filled cartridges. For research use only. Revvity also offers an IVD-certified version of the chemagic Prepito®.

Product overview

Product no.Kit nameSample materialSample volumeTarget
CMG-2002Prepito DNA Blood250 KitBlood, buffy coat, saliva250 µlgDNA
CMG-2003Prepito DNA Blood400 KitBlood, buffy coat, saliva400 µlgDNA
CMG-2004Prepito DNA Blood600 KitBlood, buffy coat, saliva600 µlgDNA
CMG-2010Prepito DNA Tissue10 KitTissue, cells10 mg tissuegDNA
CMG-2017Prepito Viral DNA/RNA300 KitBody fluidsUp to 200 µlPathogen NA
CMG-2018Prepito Viral DNA/RNA1k KitBody fluidsUp to 300 µlPathogen NA
CMG-2021Prepito NA Body Fluid KitBlood, body fluidsUp to 1 mlPathogen NA
CMG-2027Prepito FFPE KitFFPE10 µm sectionsgDNA
CMG-2034Prepito Cyto Pure KitDiverse sample materials250 µl fluid, 10 mg tissue, 3-5 ml amniotic fluidgDNA
CMG-2039Prepito RNA KitDiverse sample materials250 µl fluid, 10 mg tissueRNA

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.