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chemagic Pathogen NA gDNA Kit H96 XL

chemagic Pathogen NA gDNA Kit H96 XL

chemagic™ Pathogen NA gDNA Kit H96 XL

The chemagic Pathogen NA gDNA Kit H96 XL (IVD-1049-1000) is intended for nucleic acid extraction on chemagic instruments from 500-1000 µl human plasma, saliva, or 500-800 µl blood samples, or naso- and oropharyngeal swabs. On the chemagic 360-D instrument, the extraction protocol processes 96 samples in parallel in approximately 60 minutes for sample volumes of 500µl, and approximately 85 min for higher volumes.

The kit is suitable for diverse IVD downstream applications employing enzymatic amplification and detection of DNA and RNA (e.g., MLPA, PCR, RT-PCR, NGS, methylation assays).

chemagic BBS DNA Kit H24

Application data

Extraction performed with the chemagic 360-D instrument on 4 ml 0.9% NaCl solution spiked with 150-500 µg DNA showed good linearity with 69.8-98.9% recovery.

Testing with human blood and buffy coat samples showed an average yield of 4.38 pg per WBC or 150 µg per 4 ml blood. Expected A260/280 purity ratios 1.72-1.86 were obtained.

Kit Specifications

Product No.IVD-1049-1000
Sample500-1000 µL human plasma, saliva, or 500-800 µl blood, or naso- and oropharyngeal swabs
Instrument(s)chemagic 360-D instrument
chemagic Prime instrument
chemagic MSM I instrument
Runtime60 min (500 µl samples)
85 min (800-1000 µl samples)
Elution volume100 to 300 µl
Required items not supplied in kitchemagic 360-D (prod. no. 2024-0010) with chemagic 96 Rod Head Set (prod. no. CMG-370)
pipettes and pipette tips with aerosol barriers
molecular grade water
chemagic Stand 96 (prod. no. CMG-301) (Optional)
isotonic saline solution, sterile (Optional)
DocumentsInstructions For Use (IFU) – EN
Instructions For Use (IFU) – IT
Instructions For Use (IFU) – ESP
Instructions For Use (IFU) – FR

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – EN
Instrument Protocol (ZIP File)

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