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Automated RNA extraction from corn application note

Automated cffDNA Purification

High throughput RNA extraction from corn utilizing the OMNI Bead Ruptor Elite bead mill homogenizer and chemagic 360 nucleic acid extractor

Staple crop transcriptomics holds the key to deciphering the intricate language of gene expression in plants, shaping the future of agricultural science and sustainable food production. In a world grappling with the ever-increasing challenges of a growing 8 billion person population, climate change, and diminishing arable land, understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie crop growth, development, and response to environmental stressors has become paramount. The elucidation of transcriptomes opens new avenues for advancing crop breeding, improving crop yield, and enhancing resilience to environmental fluctuations or disease.

Herein, we demonstrate integration of the OMNI Bead Ruptor Elite bead mill homogenizer into a semi-automated total plant RNA purification workflow using the chemagic™ 360 instrument. This workflow solution not only provides a rapid nucleic acid extraction, but the resulting product is high quantity and compatible for many RNA analysis methods.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.