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Fast DNA isolation for rapid NGS results application note

Fast DNA Isolation and Library Preparation

Fast DNA purification for rapid whole-genome sequencing results

A major challenge of using Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) for high-throughput genomic analysis is the amount of time required to perform the entire procedure from DNA isolation from the primary samples to analysis of the sequencing results. Fast next-generation sequencing requires the isolation of high-quality nucleic acids in a very short time frame and the optimization of the downstream pipeline. In the application note below, we describe how fast DNA isolation from high volumes of blood coupled to modifications to an Illumina® HiSeq®2500 instrument and optimization of base-calling and variant detection using Isaac software v1 can decrease the time from sample preparation to sequence analysis to less than 35 hours.

PerkinElmer's chemagic™ research instrumentation and kits offer perfect solutions for high-throughput DNA extraction from a wide variety of sample types by providing:

  • High DNA yields– e.g., up to 50 µg DNA/ml blood
  • Capacity to handle large volumes of primary samples – more DNA available for testing
  • Fast processing times– e.g., 24 blood samples in 50 min
  • Tested sample handling technology – lower cross-contamination occurrences
  • Full or partial automated systems – less hands-on time during the nucleic acid purification procedure
  • High levels of DNA integrity – up to 200 kb fragments suitable for the most complex genomic analyses
  • Long-term stable nucleic acids – ideal for biobanking and clinical research applications

For more information, please download the application note or contact us.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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