Medium volume cfDNA purification

Kits for cfDNA purification from medium volumes of plasma

The chemagic™ cfDNA kits for medium volume cfDNA purification from plasma are designed for the processing of 2 - 5 ml plasma with minimal hands-on time on the chemagic 360 instrument. The kits are designed for the use with plasma samples derived from EDTA, citrate or other collection tubes. In addition, fresh and frozen plasma can be used.

Medium volume cfDNA purification from plasma

Kit features

  • Designed for the use with the chemagic™ 360 instrument for medium throughput cfDNA purification
  • Proprietary technology  based on the use of M-PVA Magnetic Beads for optimal nucleic acid yield and purity
  • Disposable plasticware included
  • Convenient packaging to reduce reagent waste
  • Reagents can be stored at room temperature
  • 1 - 30 ng cfDNA/ml plasma

Kit for chemagic™ automation

Catalog No.Kit NameFormatPreps/KitInputYieldProcessing Time
CMG-1304chemagic™ cfDNA 5k Kit H2424 well2403 - 5 ml1 - 30 ng/ml plasma (qPCR)100 min
(incl. 15 min hands-on time)
CMG-1302chemagic™ cfDNA 2k Kit H2424 well2401 - 2 ml1 - 30 ng/ml plasma (qPCR)90 min
(incl. 15 min hands-on time)

Functional Principle

Functional Principle

The chemagic cfDNA for medium volumes of plasma are based on chemagic Technology using M-PVA Magnetic Beads. The cfDNA binds to paramagnetic beads which are magnetically separated from the sample material. During subsequent steps contaminants are removed and the purified cfDNA is transferred into an elution medium. The automated sample processing by the chemagic 360 excludes cross contamination and ensures safe handling of infectious sample material.

Plasma Preparation Protocol

Plasma Preparation Protocol

It is recommended to prepare plasma as fresh as possible (max. 5 days after blood draw). Longer storage of blood prior to plasma preparation may lead to poor separation results and higher background from genomic DNA.
A double centrifugation protocol during plasma preparation is recommended to minimize the potential for contamination of plasma with cells and genomic DNA. Transfer of any other blood components (buffy coat or red blood cells) should be avoided while separating the plasma fraction.
Please refer to the tube manufacturers specifications (max. centrifugation speed) for more information.
From 10 mL of whole blood approximately 4 - 5 mL plasma can be expected.

  1. Centrifuge whole blood collection tube at 2000 x g for 20 minutes.
  2. Aspirate plasma carefully and at least 2 - 3 mm above the buffy coat layer, without disturbing the layer and transfer it into a new appropriate tube.
  3. Centrifuge the plasma sample at 3300 x g for 30 minutes.
  4. Carefully transfer the supernatant to a fresh tube without disturbing the pellet, at least 2 - 3 mm above the pellet.
  5. For direct use storage of plasma sample at 2 - 8 °C is possible, for long-term storage -80 °C is recommended.

Download Manual

Catalog No.Kit namePDF protocol
CMG-1304chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit H24Protocol CMG-1304 chemagic cfDNA 5k Kit H24
CMG-1302chemagic cfDNA 2k Kit H24Protocol CMG-1302 chemagic cfDNA 2k Kit H24

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.